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How to travel safe

Daventry’s public transport is still running but the capacity of it has been massively reduced. With crowds of people now required to return to work, Birmingham, Northampton, London and other major cities of the UK are becoming increasingly unsafe. The issues of health and safety and the well-being of our passengers and drivers are Jo Chauffeurs’ number one priority. So, if you must travel, how to do it safely during the Coronavirus pandemic? Turning to your local chauffeur service is your answer. We continue to provide our service to clients for all their essential travel needs. We are following Government and local authority guidance on how to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

What we are doing

We want to make sure that all our drivers are safe and can operate safely. We are ensuring all vehicles are sanitised using antibacterial products after each passenger. Our drivers are wearing face masks throughout the journey to protect themselves as well as our clients. Anti-bacterial gel or wipes are provided in every car to limit the chance of the virus spreading. We are also arranging for all our chauffeurs to take Covid-19 Antibody Test. We encourage all passengers to consider wearing their own face coverings. While we continue to provide our services, we ask all the clients to make sure their travel is essential, they are not exhibiting symptoms of Coronavirus and maintain social distancing wherever possible. It may mean that for more than one passenger the Mercedes V Class is the most suitable carrier to maintain minimal contact and sufficient distance between passengers and the chauffeur.

What we know

The pandemic has greatly affected taxi and chauffeur industry throughout the Northamptonshire region and nationwide, which is already in an overcrowded market with competitors like Uber. Now international travel is also severely impacted by the restrictions, however some airlines like British Airways, Emirates or Virgin Atlantic has indicated they will resume their flying schedule soon. If you are First or Business class passenger and planning on taking flying experience any time soon, we would be delighted to provide you with one of our premium or executive chauffeured cars for your airport transfer. We would like to make sure we are still meeting your expectations of a personal and private executive car travel during the outbreak and understand the concern about safety while being in the chauffeured vehicle, however based on the recent studies, advice from Guild of Professional Chauffeurs and experts’ recommendations, it is considered to be one of the safest options for safe travel.

Thank you for your continues support during this challenging times.

Jo Chauffeurs Team

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