Taxi Or Chauffeur Service?

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Is it worth to pay a little extra for a luxury chauffeur driver and what is the difference between a Taxi driver and a Chauffeur driver?

Transportation service industry is packed with companies and drivers offering wide range of travel services. There is a lot to choose from. So how you, a potential client can make an informed decision about your options and who to use for your travel arrangements – taxis or chauffeurs?

Level of service

First Class Chauffeurs drive high end cars, like Mercedes Benz S Class or executive range of Mercedes E Class & V Class. Some companies use BMW or Jaguar cars, but still, Mercedes brand is the one to go for, when you provide high standard chauffeured service. Taxis are quick and cheap, but majority of the hackney carriage operators use low range cars, like Toyota Prius or Vauxhall Zafira. Not ideal choice for style, looks or reliability. Dress code is also very important. No jeans, t-shirts and trainers. Chauffeur would be wearing a suit, a collared shirt, a tie and elegant shoes. It’s worth mentioning chauffeured vehicles cannot have visible advertising, so you cannot be identified as being driven in one of the private hire cars. Mainly business customers or VIP clients take advantage of it, so if you are after discretion and show off arrival, chauffeured service is the one for you.


How in fact reliable is the service? I often get asked to quote a last-minute booking for an airport transfer or business trip, as local taxi has let the client down. Although seeing so many taxis being driven around, especially in Northamptonshire, where we are based, you would expect reliable and on time arrival service, yet often operators overbook or cancel your booking in full. That can leave you very frustrated. So, is it worth missing that important business meeting or friend’s wedding? Chauffeured service providers prioritise the superb and efficient on time service. Passenger is always notified who their driver is, the car they are driving and most importantly price, well in advance. No hidden charges, everything is transparent, meet and greet, parking charges or waiting time. With taxis it’s often hit and miss. The end price you pay is often high. Although chauffeured service is considered premium, the all-inclusive price is still much more cost effective and comparable to your local taxi rates. Interesting fact is that luxury fares are roughly only 20 percent higher than your standard taxis.

Personal touch

At Jo Chauffeurs, every chauffeur is trained to provide the highest standard of driving and personal service. No request is too much! While taxi driver is there to take you from A to B, often rushed with booking to make the next one. Chauffeured booking is tailored around you. Driver can advise of the best route, places to visit and will take time to make sure your journey is seamless, smooth and safe. Our cars have a choice of fresh, bottled water – Evian & San Pellegrino, Wi-Fi in case you must work on the move and phone charger, so you can always stay connected.

Our journey so far

We are continuously expanding our fleet and building valuable relationships with local and national businesses. We are now approaching our 2nd year anniversary and we are very proud of our growing professional success, which translates into the number of satisfied customers. Reliability, superior service, discretion and comfort are our all-time priorities. Next time you are looking for a transportation service, do not dismiss chauffeured service, as for that little extra, your choice of travel, will represent you or your business.

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